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Gravitating to the right product

We know how hard it is to sell something online to people you can't see. We have faced it, and we have built a software that solves exactly that.

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Let your Customers discover themself, while they discover Fashion.

Wethekoo is a Product Discovery Solution designed specifically for fashion Shoppers online, to find and discover the right products that match their exact tastes and likings.

  • Quick, Immersive Search: The search activities from our plugin is quite engaging, leaving your customers to fine tune their results to the minute details, quickly.
  • Retain customers' personality: Our search results are not influenced by any external factors, thus resulting in a search result, that is a perfect match to a persons individuality.
  • Less Time, Less Energy, Best Fit: These are the only three factors that a customer is concerned about, not missing anyone of them is how Wethekoo was designed.
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Measure product usage and custom KPIs for every customer

When selling fashion products, the only asset you would need to sell rights are personalized fashion trends and customer insights.

  • Flexible, fast reporting: Your reports are created in realtime as the customers use the store. With realtime data insights, product placements become a breeze
  • Access your data anywhere: Data from all platforms of ecommerce come to life, to your dashboard and an be accessed and computed with any means available to you.
  • Get all your customers: The data collected are from your customer base from all walks of life. It would be easy to personalize based on this data for the products your customers need.

What's in it for you?

An image is worth a thousand words, so why use words to search?

Data Positive

Visual Search

Customer Insights

Easy Setup

Get started in 2 minutes

Our automated AI powered engines, help you to get onboarded and live
leaving you time to plan and excecute operational tasks.

Share Product Catalog Data

Get product tags and features from the images of the product

Introduce the Search Engine

Place the plugin in the exact space in your store, which enables the best access for customers.

Setup the Dashboard

Personalize your dashboard to gain the right insights from the right customers.

Why internal & external SEO is important to your eCommerce

Why internal & external SEO is important to your eCommerce

SEO is the path to let the system decide the right product for the right customers. The right SEO engine ideally lets the customer reach the product "THEY" like rather than the product "The algorithm" likes.

$1,000 free credits.

No commitment required at sign up.

Try out the product tagging and Labeling software at not cost
to see improvements in the SEO of the engine.
Sign up with our search engine to optimize even further.

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    • 2.5% Success Fee
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    • SEO Tagging
    • Visual Search
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    • $0.1 Per Visit
    • 1% Success Fee

What you get

with Wethekoo

A fully optimized automated SEO engine for management of products, customers and insights.

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Experience a smarter way to close online customers

With the All-in-one Sales Dashboard

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